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National Resilience Building Programs

Read2Remember gathers the Australian ‘Village’ through a nationwide literacy and wellbeing program that uses Remembrance Day to assist children, young people, schools and communities to reflect on values such as mateship, courage and resilience. In 2014 the program set a world reading record by assisting students to understand where courage lies and how it helps build resilience or the ‘ability to bounce back’. The program is delivered in over 2000 schools across Australia and provides engaging reading materials and teaching resources for over 460,000 students in the lead up to Remembrance Day and throughout the year. Through Read2Remember the Australian Village speaks with one voice to tell every Aussie Kid how important they are and what huge potential we believe they have!

In 2015, SunnyKids will be emulating the success of the Read2Remember program and will deliver a similar program for the ANZAC Centenary. Engaging students through the celebration of Historic events such as the Anzac landing in Gallipoli provides a platform for increased understanding of self and the opportunity for children to identify similar values within themselves and others.

For more information about participating in Read2Remember or the ANZAC Centenary programs please contact SunnyKids today.