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Child Protection Services: It Takes A Village

Sadly, neglected or abused children are rarely amongst the first generation of their family to find themselves either unprotected or unloved by those entrusted with their care.

More frequently than not, when SunnyKids staff are called in to support a child and or family where there is neglect or abuse the children represent the third or fourth generation in their family to go through this traumatic experience.

It Takes a Village specialises in supporting children and families on the cusp of statutory intervention. We work with children and their families when they are either at very high risk of entering state care; or have been in state care and with the right support could potentially return home to their family.

When children enter state care, the state effectively “becomes their parents.” However around the world, states continually find that raising children is not their strength, neither should it be. When parents, be they families or the state struggle to protect and nurture children, it’s time for the rest of the village to step up. It Takes a Village utilises the ‘SunnyKids Virtual Village’ to gather the village (community) around the most vulnerable of our children and keep them safe.